Rename this subforum "Scrivener Tips"?

Given the number of people asking for technical support in this subforum instead of in technical support, maybe renaming this one to “Scrivener Tips” or similar would alleviate this. An idea?

I’ve pondered this myself, and the only way I think that the titles themselves could convey the sub-forums’ purposes is to make the titles into sentences. “Share your Scrivener Tips”, “Ask for Scrivener Help”, etc… But that goes counter to the succinct title style that Lit & Lat seems to prefer, since sentence titles necessarily get longer, especially when you have to add “Windows”, “Mac” or “iOS”.

But if you browse the sub-forums, looking for a place to ask a question, you’ll see “How do you use Scrivener? Share tips or talk about your usage scenarios here.” right below “Scrivener Tips”. If people are unwilling to read those 14 words, then I imagine there’s not much point in changing the title of the subforum.

There used to be two boards:

  • Scrivener Tips - Share Yours
  • The Zen of Scrivener - Usage Scenarios

They were combined into “Using Scrivener” last year—but even with the longer and more descriptive titles these boards still required annotation, trickery and constant moderation to keep them from becoming tech support queues. :slight_smile:

You’re working against the limitations of human cognition. As Dan Simons says in this video “looking is not the same as seeing”:

He has done loads of experiments in which people do not notice what is right in front of their faces – indeed, things that they have undoubtedly looked at (they have done experiments with people wearing eye-trackers, so we know that their eyes processed the information – but their brains did not).

Okay. How about “The Not-Tech-Support Subforum”?