Renamed and moved file - all writing gone

I finally came up with a name for my project and tried to rename it in the file location, as well as move it to a different folder in documents so I could access it more easily. One of these actions (I’m not sure which) made it so when I re-opened scrivener, all my writing was gone. The binder still has all the folders and pages I created, with the same names and icons, but they’re all empty. My word count is at 0 and I’m freaking out a bit, I’ve just lost months of work.

The scrivener file in the new location also doesn’t have the new name I gave it - it just says ‘writing’, which is the name of the folder I put it in, so I have no idea what happened there. I can’t find any file with the new name, in any of my computer folders. I tried right-clicking on the file that is there and gave “restore previous versions” a try, but it says there are none available.

I haven’t had scrivener for that long and I hadn’t gotten around to trying out the backup options, or syncing it with another device. Does anyone know if the data backs up automatically? If not, can anyone think of any other way it might be salvageable? I can’t imagine it all just totally vanished from my hard drive without warning, but I can’t find it anywhere.

EDIT: looking in properties shows that there’s still a file size (like 40KB) so the data must be somewhere, right? I don’t know enough about computers for this, does anyone know how file sizes work?

What did you move and rename? The whole .scriv folder (which is your project) or only the .scrivx file (which only holds a list of documents in the binder?