Renamed project disappeared

HI all, my apologies if this has been addressed previously. My search didn’t bring up my issue, so I appeal to you for help.

I wanted to rename a project, but couldn’t see how to do it. (I’m new to Scrivener.) I searched this question on the web, and was told to simply (lol) rename it using Windows>Computer, etc. So I did, but…then it disappeared from Scrivener. It no longer appears in Recent Files, or anywhere else within Scriv.

Luckily, it was a new project and I was able to reconstruct it pretty quickly by manually retyping it.

My question is: What is the best way to rename a Project?

Thank you!

File menu, then Save As… This brings up a standard dialog, where you can choose a new location and/or name. This has the effect of copying the project in its current state to the new location and/or name (creating a .scriv folder with the new name, and all the associated items under it), and then opening it. The original project remains in place, and both projects should thereafter show up in the Scrivener Recent list.

If you’ve got a project that’s dropped out of that list, there are two ways to get at it. One is to start the basic Scrivener dialog with no project open, and then click Open Existing Project and browse to your project. The other is, in Windows Explorer, to navigate to the .scriv folder that contains the project, and then click on the .scrivx file that is the control file for the project. That will open Scrivener to the project.

When you renamed within Windows, did you rename both the .scriv folder and the .scrivx file? The new version, 1.9, will always rename a .scrivx file to correspond to the .scriv folder that contains it. If the two names aren’t the same, the adjustment will be made, and you might lose track of it if you’re not expecting this.

The best way to simply rename the project is to close it in Scrivener, then find its .scriv folder in Windows’ File Explorer and rename it like any other file (e.g. press F2), leaving the .scriv ending. So you might find the MyProject.scriv folder and change it to MyBrilliantNovel.scriv. To load the project in Scrivener, double-click to open the folder and double-click the project file inside with the yellow icon (it will still have the old project name, but Scrivener will update that on its own). When the project opens in Scrivener, it will also be added to the Recent Projects list under the new name.

Using “Save As” is fine, just know that it’s not renaming the existing copy; it’s creating a new copy of the project, so the version with the old name is still there on your computer. That could mean down the road you find a confusing build up of projects under old names.

Thank you both, this helps a lot :smiley: