Renaming documents, trashing some, reorgenizing help.

I have so many re-organizing issues, please bear with me.

All of this is on the IPad or IPhone:
Some projects need to be renamed. How would I do that?
Some project contain documents I want to move either to their own project or as part of another project. How would I do either of those?

Swiping the finger along the file: is that supposed to work everywhere?

Finally, I find the manual to be less helpful than the one I used when I was working on the computer. Is there a comprehensive, one-stop place – besides the forum – to try to find answers?

Thanks very much.

There isn’t an easy way of moving or copying items between projects using strictly iOS. I’d save that job for when you’re on a Mac.

Renaming project files is done similarly to how you would pull up the inspector on an item: tap and hold.

Everywhere might be a tall order, but I think it does in most contexts, yes.

There is just the tutorial, not a full user manual PDF like on the Mac. Sorry to hear it’s not as helpful for you. The search feature may improve it though: if I search for “rename”, I find a topic called “Working with Projects”, and the word “rename” higlighted within it, revealing the line: “Long-press on a project to rename it”.

Obviously for things the software simply doesn’t do (like copying between projects) it will be a bit hard to find help on. :wink:

Thanks vey much.