Renaming entire project

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How does one rename an entire Scrivener project?

I have found the .scriv files in the Mac Finder, but there are quite a few associated with the project’s original name (perhaps the various folders that are all part of the same Scrivener project?), and I am worried that renaming them one by one in the Finder could mean losing files or folders from the project or otherwise making a mess of things.

Is there a way in Scrivener of renaming the whole project, rather than renaming individual .scriv files in the Mac Finder? What is the safest way to go about this?

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Your first instinct was right - just rename the file in the Finder. If you aren’t sure which one it is (and it is always a good idea to make sure you know which file in the Finder is the one that contains your important work), then Ctrl- or right-click on the .scriv icon next to the project title at the very top of the project window in Scrivener. This will show you the path to the file (a trick that can be used in many OS X applications).

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Dear Keith,

Thank you very much indeed for the speedy response, and the detailed instructions!

Renaming the whole project in Finder is simple. And yet, what then happens to snapshots and backups?

Would it then be wise to add a note inside the Draft or Research noting when the project was renamed, and what its prior name was, just in case you want to retrieve work you had done when you were calling it the former name?

It seems like a potentially dangerous procedure, something to be careful about doing? What sort of safeguards could be employed when you rename a project this way?

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Why would you think there is anything dangerous about this? There is nothing dangerous about it at all, so I’m afraid I don’t understand the concern. Snapshots are built into the .scriv project itself, so renaming the project has no effect on that; and backups are external, so again, there is no effect. Your backups are still safe in your Backups folder (old backups using the old name as a basis, new backups using the new name as a basis, true, but perfectly safe, just as if you had made copies or archives of your project manually) and your snapshots are still safe in the project. So, as I say, there is absolutely nothing dangerous about renaming a project in this manner, any more than it is dangerous renaming any other file in the Finder.

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The one source of confusion that I see is in the OP’s observation that there are multiple .scriv files with the same or similar names. Rather than being multiple folders within a project, each .scriv “file” represents a complete, standalone project.

There might be multiple instances because the Save As command had previously been used, or because the OP was looking at the project backups, or because of issues related to Dropbox. It’s hard to say without more information.

The key point in a situation like this is that you want to make sure that you are renaming the correct file, and you want to give it a name that clearly differentiates it from previous versions. Scrivener will do the right thing: when you rename a project, you’ll automatically get all of the snapshots and other component files. But if you accidentally rename a three-month old version instead of the current one, Scrivener will happily do exactly what you told it to, and then you’ll open the project up and discover that three months of work are “gone.” And you’ll be sad. Best to avoid the problem by being extra careful up front.