Renaming my project

Maybe a simple question, but I can’t find the answer. How can I rename my project? I know I could “Save as”, but that would mean I had to delete the original project if I don’t want a project with that name, which I am not comfortable doing if something goes wrong.

Is it enough to rename the .scriv file or do I risk messing everything up?

Rename the folder the ends in .scriv, and that should do it. Note that you may have to go into your Project->Project settings to change the title of your project, and any plain text versions of your project title (such as on a title page in any existing Front Matter folder(s) you might have) may need to be edited to reflect the project’s new name.

The .scrivx file should change to reflect the .scriv folder’s new name after you open the project again, if I recall correctly.

Yes, this is correct.

@annajo5 , be aware, if you are accustomed to opening your projects from Scrivener’s recent projects list, the new project name won’t be on the list the first time you try to open it. You’ll need to open by double-clicking on the .scrivx file or by navigating from Open Existing Project.


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So if I rename both the project folder and the .scriv file, it would be ok? What I want to do is to change the name of my current draft to “Draft 1” and then “Save as” and name the new version of the project “Draft 2”. And then work with Draft 2.

Or is it enough to change the name of the .scriv folder?

Save as works windows file manager same project data just different name. Can open going forward and is just any other project. Ie draft one can save as draft 2 and will have a draft 1 project and draft 2 project with same data. BUT from now on changes in draft are separated from project draft one. You now have two separate projects

Renaming both the .scriv project folder and the .scrivx file would be okay.

Yes, alternatively it is enough to rename the .scriv project folder. As @Rdale wrote above, when you open the project after renaming the .scriv project folder, Scrivener will rename the .scrivx file to match the .scriv project folder name.

Yes, this is a good way to create a new version of a project.


Thanks a lot!

I just realised I guess I must do the other way around though, as my project is synced with Aeon timeline. To “Save as” and name the new version “Draft 1” and then continue working on the current project and rename it “Draft 2”, to keep the links to Aeon.