Renaming Project

Now that I have the actual title of my WIP, I want to rename the folder, Scrivener project, etc.

What’s the best way to do this? Rename files and folders? Do a Save As and delete the old project?

Anything to watch out for?

Will my links to images fail?



I’ve done a Save As … kept the original, though. But, I’ve also done a right click, Rename, and type the new name. However, I had no links to images, so I couldn’t say about that.

Renaming the .scriv project folder (when the project is closed) is simplest. Linked images use a full file path, so they won’t be affected by renaming or relocating the project folder, so long as it’s still on the same volume.

Be aware that new backups of the project will carry the new name, as well, so you’ll have to do some remembering if you need to get into one of the older backups.