Renaming the book


I renamed my book when it was almost finished because it was only now that he told me its name :grin:.
So as not to take any risks, I saved the project with the name I wanted in a new directory.
Now, after it has been compiled, in Part Heading and in the page headers, the new name is correct, but on the title page (the one that is filled in automatically), I see the old name, i.e. that of the project I was working on and which I saved under the new name.
I’ve looked, but I can’t find the source of this name.
Can someone please help me?

Thank you.


It’s so simple after all… (once you know, of course) :blush:

Thank you, so much, @Vincent_Vincent

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Hi @Vincent_Vincent

I accidentally removed your other reply, but I’ve deleted the screenshot as it’s not needed.
Thanks for the warning.