'Reopen projects that were open on quit' is not working properly.

Scrivener Windows Beta ver
I have two projects open.
I have the option ‘Reopen projects that were open on quit’ ticked.
When I close all projects, then reopen Scrivener, only the project that was last modified and saved, or the one that is ticked in the File > Recent Projects menu will reopen when I open Scrivener.
In that Recent Projects menu, there are checkboxes, so it makes sense that more than one could be ticked, but that is not the case. Ticking one un-ticks the other.

In my case, each project is located in its own folder, which are child folders under the same parent.

Any ideas why both projects won’t open together?


If you close all projects, then close Scrivener, there were no projects “open on quit.”


Open the two projects and use File > Exit. Upon starting Scrivener from a desktop icon both projects will be loaded.

The checkboxes inside the Recent Projects menu show the active project at the moment, as it might happen that you have multiple projects with the same project name but different locations on the HDD.

Thanks guys;
I had been ‘x-ing’ out of open projects, never using the File > Exit or Alt+F4.

Using ALT + F4 does not give an exit; it closes the current window. You’ll have to use ‘exit’ from the menu or assign another shortcut.