Reopen quick reference panels when opening projects

I’m just starting with Scrivener 3. In the preferences I check “Reopen quick reference panels when opening projects.” However, when I restart Scrivener quick reference panels are not opened. I wonder what to do.

Scrivener 3 is in applications folder as Scrivener and Scrivener 2 is in the applications folder renamed to Scrivener 2.

Finally, is there a way to designate the dimensions of the QR panels. I have PDF articles there that I always have to resize and automatically enlarge.




That’s strange - I can’t reproduce the issue, as QR panels reopen fine for me. Just to be clear, are the QR panels open when you close the project? It will only reopen QR panels that were open when the project was closed.

There’s no way to designate the size of a QR panel in advance, but once you’ve resized it for a document, it will stay that size when you reopen the document in the QR panel later (even in a new session).

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If you merge a bunch of QR windows (creating a single tabbed window), then you just have to resize that one window, and all documents will then be set to the same dimensions. I’m not sure if the dimensions are then preserved if the windows are separated again, but it’s worth a try to merge, resize, and then separate windows if you don’t like them tabbed.

Thank you. I have tried this with several projects, and the QR –which was open when I closed the projects- is not open when I reopen the project. This is the case regardless of whether I just close the project and reopen or whether I close Scrivener and reopen. Ans it happens if I have 2 projects open in Scrivener at the same time. The QR is from bookmarks composed of external PDFs.

I worked out some of the issues.

  1. a QR panel containing project bookmarks will not be reopened after closing Scrivener. Bookmarks were made from pasted in PDFs,
  2. A QR panel made from the editor will be present when reopened.
  3. A QR panel that is merged from a) the editor and b) Project bookmarks will reopen and show the editor part but not the bookmarked section.
  4. If I make a QR panel from the bookmarks (as in #1, above) and then manually add a bookmark to the QR. When reopened the QR panel will show the hand entered bookmark but not the original series of PDF bookmarks.

I think this may be sufficient information for Keith to track this down.

Ah, okay, yes, only project QR panels are restored, not panels that show an external bookmark. This is indeed a current limitation. I have made it so that the project bookmarks list is restored for documents on reopen, though.

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