Reopening project displays document at end despite cursor being far up

This seems to be random, I have tested with 4 projects and it happened with 2. I have a document with the cursor somewhere near the top/middle, and every time I close and reopen it, the document displays the bottom of it. If I hit up/down it comes back to the placement of cursor, but why does it keep displaying like that? Using latest beta.

I have had the same problem for several iterations of the beta, on two different computers.

There is currently a known bug where this happens if the project is closed/reopened while in a Scrivenings session (multiple documents/folders shown at once). Is that what you are experiencing? Or is it occurring in Single Document view as well?

Not for me, I haven’t even used Scrivenings yet. I tried a few things: My cursor was at the beginning of the document, and it opened there. Then I moved it toward the middle, and reopened it to see it at the bottom. Then I moved the cursor up maybe 1/3, and it opened at about 2/3 down on reopen. So there is some kind of alignment with the cursor, it displays some proportional amount down in the document when reopening from where the cursor is. I hope that makes sense lol.

I am almost always in Scrivenings mode. But I did a few quict tests, and it appears to not happen in Single Document view.

We may be looking at two different bugs here. begratefultowrite, do you have your Scrivener program maximized or in windowed mode? And does it make a difference if you test the other way?