Reorder Projects?

Is there some way to change the order of projecrts in the project view? They seem to be in random order by height at the moment.


I think the order is alphabetic… and no, it can’t be changed.

The present order of my projects is:

  • Safe for Programmers
  • NCI
  • XPat20
  • The Increment
  • Top-Down Inside Out

It may be chronological, in order of last one edited.

In the sidebar list, it’s alphabetic. In the projects gallery (iPad only), it’s by most recently modified. So far as I know, neither sort order can be changed.

Thanks, Silverdragon! It’d be nice to be able to drag them about like cards tho …

Hey guys,
There’s a bit of customization on how the projects are ordered. In the left projects pane on iOS, if you hit the edit button, then drag down on the pane you’ll find 3 sorting options. (A-Z, Modified and Created) By tapping on the sorting name you can reverse the ordering of that particular method. I’ve defaulted to the A-Z method, and renamed my projects to include a lower case letter in front of each project title to preserve the desired order. Hopefully a full custom sort will be coming in the future.

Hope that helps,

Oh! New version!