Reordering bookmark binder breaks association between binder items and their docs

PROBLEM: It is possible to rearrange items in the Binder in such a way that tapping on a Binder item brings up the wrong document. In fact, by this means, making a single change, one can break the connection between binder item and its associated document – for every item in the binder. On the bright side, the breakage is in the interface, not the underlying project data, and the bug effects only the special Bookmarks binder view.

SETUP: Bookmark some documents and call up the Bookmarks binder view. Tap Edit at top of Binder. Reaarange the binder items ad libitum. Tap Done with the edit. Now tap on any binder item that was moved. The wrong document will come up in the Editor view.

This is consistently reproducible and is not project-specific behavior.

DISCUSSION: After rearrangement, the document that will come up when you tap a binder item is the document that goes with whatever item used to be in that binder position before the arrangement was changed.

I was delighted to see that I could rearrange my bookmarked things into a useful order without effecting the actual positions of the docs in the project – just as one can sort outline views in desktop Scriv without upsetting the locations of one’s docs in the project. It is a great feature to have, if it can be made to work.


FYI, this problem persists in the updated Scriv iOS.

A couple of extra observances: 1) One can usually straighten things out by backing the binder out of the Bookmark area and coming back into it. 2) However, I just had a case where this did not fix it. Instead, the bookmarked item I had moved was put back to its original location on the list. (I guess that is a straightening out of a kind, but not the right kind!) I have not seen this addition misbehavior before. Editing the bookmark list again and backing out and coming back resolved this.


Sorry, I somehow completely missed your first report of this back in October. I have now fixed this for the next update.

Thanks and all the best,