Reordering chapters

First off, great software. I find that I have trouble reordering chapters/sections in the “Draft” section of the binder. Say you have 3 sections: A, B, and C. You want to move C above B, so you drag and drop it there. But in order to put it between A and B, you have to do it with almost microscopic precision. Otherwise it ends up going into sections A or B and then you have to drag it out of there. One of the problems is the shadowing that surrounds the name of the section. That shadowing follows the section wherever you move it, making it hard to see where the black line is indicating where the section will go.

Use the Ctrl + arrow shortcuts to move stuff in the binder. Makes things a lot easier trust me!

From the shortcut list:

Ctrl +

move binder item up

move binder item down

move binder item left

move binder item right

Ooh, good to know!

(To add to the OP’s comment, it takes more than microscopic precision if you want to move something specifically to the top. It seems virtually impossible. I find instead that I have to move whatever it is to the number two spot and then move the top thing down one.)

This is a known issue and should - I hope! - be fixed before release.