Reordering documents using the arrow keys

I’m still getting used to both the software and the forums so please forgive me if you can already do this, but rather than using the mouse to drag and drop files up and down in the binder (which I find hard to do accurately) I would love to be able to use the arrow keys and the command or control key or something, to move files around. Is this, or could this be, possible?


You can use Cmd-Ctrl-Arrow to move files in any direction. Up and down will do what you expect, and left and right will ascend or descend the file in the current hierarchy. Note you can also hold down the Option key while dragging to make placement a bit easier. The default drag method allows you to place files beneath other files easily, but with the Option key held down, that is restricted, making it easier to move siblings around amongst each other.

Thank you so much for that! I am really sorry to have wasted your time like that.

Not a problem!