Reordering items in a standard collection


I think I once knew how to do this but for health reasons I’ve been away from Scrivener and my project for several months and I have forgotten.

Is it possible to re-order items in a standard collection so that they remain in that new order. Page 66 of the manual describes how to reorder, but the new sequence does not hold when I leave that collection and come back to it. I’m trying to set up an immutable chronology that will not be the same as the sequence of events in the Draft.

TIA for all help.

You should be able to drag and drop the collection items into a new order in the binder and have that order preserved even after switching to the regular binder and back. There is a bug where viewing the new order in the editor and then switching to the regular binder will reshuffle the items in the editor, and I have that on the bug list, but the items within the collection itself in the binder should still be ordered properly if you return to the collection tab. If that’s not the case for you, could you provide steps to reproduce the problem you’re having of the items getting reverted within the collection? Thanks.

Thanks, Jennifer, I think you’ve solved it.
But the bug is not exactly as you described.
Here’s what happens. If I reorder the items in a collection by drag and drop, then the new order seems to be preserved regardless of what I do next.
But If I reorder using control --arrow, (as I was doing, as I find it quicker and more precise than mouse dragging), then the next action is crucial. If I click next on the main Binder tab, then all is well. But if I choose another collection, or do something else before selecting the main Binder, then the new order of the collection is NOT retained.

So I just have to remember to drag/drop instead of control/arrow.

Thanks again.

Thanks, I can see this now and will put it on the bug list.