Reordering text snippets

My writing project began with a large number of notes in no particular order. Using Scrivener 3.1.3, I created a new Project from the Non-Fiction Format Template. Then I created a number of Chapters. Next I planned to sort each of the notes into the appropriate chapter, and then rearrange them into some (hopefully) coherent order.

The problem I am having is that each item that I have indented underneath a chapter is treated as a separate section. I can change the Section Type, but at minimum a blank line is placed between each section. So far, I have no plans for sections within chapters. Each of my individual items is just a few paragraphs, and I do not want to separate them from the paragraphs before and after.

Figure 7.5 in the User Manual shows a Section type called “Untitled Text”, but there is no similar Section Type in the Non-Fiction Format Template that I am using. I suppose I could define a new Section Type that would have the characteristics that I want, but it seems odd that the template has no provision for this. I am convinced that there must be an easier way to accomplish what I want. What am I missing?

You can define a “single return” separator in the Separators pane, using the Compile Format editor.

Why is it odd that a particular Section Type isn’t included in the template? The templates are just starting points, they don’t attempt to cover every option that any potential project might need.

Incidentally, there’s no reason why you need to worry about any of this now. Scrivener will happily merge the sections into a single document once you reach the point where you no longer need to separate them.