Reorganization of Scrivener projects not working

I’ve got a bunch of Scrivener project in Dropbox. Syncing works fine, but when I hit “Edit” and try to refine their order, I can’t slide the files around. I can grab one, but when I try to pull it into position, the other titles don’t move. Attempted screenshot attached.

I’m using an iPhone 6, iOS version 9.3.3


Projects are organised alphabetically, so you can’t rearrange them like that. (Rearranging them would have no meaning since file systems do not support arbitrary ordering.) Dragging is provided purely for moving between your device and Dropbox storage locations.

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Oooh, fair enough. I assumed from the little handles on the right that I could. Since they’re not for reordering, what are they for?

EDIT: Never mind, you told me! Sorry, just woke up. :blush:

I could personally see the point of a manual sort, though, since Scrivener detected almost 30 book files in my Dropbox. It would be useful (in a very small way) to sort the ones I’m currently working to the top or pin them there. But that’s a wishlist item, not a bug, certainly. :smiley:

Why not only keep the ones you are working on in the sync-folder, and not every old project as well?

Mostly because I like to be able to whip out my phone and immediately make corrections to older books if someone tells me about a typo. But that’s an admittedly rare occurrence and I can note it to take care of later. Certainly not LL’s job to accommodate me. :stuck_out_tongue:

The problem with a manual order is that it has no meaning, because you can’t manually order things on the underlying file system. Scrivener could remember the order of the projects, but as soon as you synced in some new projects, the order would be broken.

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Okay, makes sense. Thanks! :smiley: