Repeatable crash in 2.5 while using comments

I’ve got a repeatable crash, at least for the specific Scrivener doc I’m working with right now (I can’t reproduce it in a new doc): I insert a comment, hit the carriage return for a new line, and Scrivener locks up. I’ve attached the crash report. I’m using 2.5 in 10.9.
scrivener crash.pdf (183 KB)


Could you please zip up and send us the affected project with steps to reproduce? This is the third report I’ve had of this same thing (it’s not 2.5 or Mavericks-specific - the other reports date back a few months), but so far no one who has reported it has sent me anything that I can test so I haven’t been able to reproduce it. If I can see it for myself, I should be able to fix it.

Thanks and all the best,

Will do–on its way.