Repeatable crash when viewing project statistics

  1. Download and untar

  2. Open it in Scrivener.

  3. Click on any one of the document titles, then hit Command-A to select them all.

  4. Select View | Statistics | Project Statistics. You should see that the select has 31,834 words.

  5. Now check the box “Include sub-documents”. The spinning beach ball of death will appear for maybe 10 seconds, then Scrivener will crash.

The crash log is at

You are using the last public release of Scrivener (v1.03). This is a known bug and is fixed in the latest betas. You can download the latest beta (v.1.095) from here.

That worked, thank you.

In the footer view, I notice now that the progress bar moves constantly. This is a bit excessive, especially considering that it needlessly munches on my battery while I’m sitting there thinking. I couldn’t find a way to disable this animation, do you know if there is one?

Thanks, John

There is no way to disable it. It is the standard OS X progress bar. I doubt it eats much of your battery, though. You can always hide the footer view (View > Layout > Hide Footer View).

Actually, this one seems to be back on the road. At least for me. I open a document, tried a few projects now and it happens in every one of them, select the draft folder or a folder for one chapter, then view>project statistics and click on include sub-documents.

I use Leopard, and Scrivener 1.1.

Add me to the list.
Version 1.1, Tiger 10.4.10, iMac G5 2GHz
Scrivener will beachball and fail to recover. There is no crash log generated that I have found.
If this is a case of just waiting it takes far too long. I waited about 5 minutes and gave up.

Me too.

Mac OS X 10.4.10; Scrivener 1.10


Me too.
iBook G4 and iMac G5, both 10.4.10, Scrivener 1.10.

There is another thread: … c&start=15

Keith writes:
As previously, you can turn off widows and orphans avoidance via Page Setup to stop the bug occurring for now…

I did so. Seems to solve the problem for the moment.


I’ll try unchecking the offending orphans.
update: that works.

This is a known bug and I am working on a fix for 1.11. This bug has lost me more development time than probably any single feature on Scrivener, so please be patient. In the meantime, use the workaround as suggested above.


This bug has been driving me batty since I started with Scrivener several days ago. It doesn’t happen with the tutorial project or a template I downloaded to look over but does happen with the very first project I wanted to start and finish.

So I was thankful to stumble across this thread. I’ve looked in just about every place I could think of to locate ‘Page Setup’ and have only found it under File > Page Setup that has nothing to do with this Windows and Orphans stuff. (I’m yet to understand what W&O even is)

Can someone please point me in the right direction to overcome this W&O thing so I can get on with trying to use Scrivener to put together my first article using the program?

Thanks for any help

I think if you download the latest 1.11 beta (3), you’ll find that it fixes the problem. Basically, Keith decided to toss all the Orphans out the Window, so they shouldn’t be an issue any longer. :smiley:

Thanks lenf,

I’d prefer to just switch off the W&O setting first before I start using betas, at this stage.

Do you know exactly where this setting is?

File -> Page Setup

There you can choose “Scrivener Settings” or something like that (as distinct from more general settings).

The widows and orphans appears under the “Scrivener” option.

(Sorry not more specific - I am typing this at work).


PS - Widows and orphans are first or last lines of a paragraph that get bumped to a different page. You would notice word, when you get to the bottom of the page, sometimes shifting things around so that a single line of a paragraph doesn’t appear on a different page to the rest. That is widow and orphan control, and what Keith is disabling.

Ahh, cool. I didn’t tweak to the fact I needed to select the ‘Settings’ dropdown list and choose Scrivener.

At first glance, the initial pop-up for Page Setting looks only relative to printer and page orientation. Once I chose Scrivener, all was revealed. I’ve disabled the W&O and statistics works great now.

Thanks very much for helping me out here - I was getting a little frustrated there. All good now.

Switching off Widows and Orphans does not slove the problem on my machine. :frowning:

You have to switch it off for all projects - the widows and orphans setting is per-project. There is nothing else that would cause this crash in there…

Keith - I’m confused. I have one open project and I switched W&O to off via the page setup menu. Is there another place where there is a switch? I’ve looked but not found anything.


It depends on which version you are using. If you are using the beta of 1.11, then “Calculate Widows and Orphans” was also added to the Options section of Project Statistics, completely separate from the Page Setup options. So you need to turn it off there, too. It is gone completely for 1.11 proper.