Repetitive Program Crash


I have a project that is constantly crashing in Scrivener. The project is currently roughly 111,000 words, split into 50 + chapters or sections, plus a few pages in the research. It’s not causing any problems so far as working on it, adding new sections, everthing else is fine.

But when I go into View > Statistics > Project Statistics, it’s shutting the program down.

It’s only happening in one project, but this is the largest one I have, so I’m wondering if it’s anything to do with the size.

Any help would be great. I’m using OSX 10.4, and Scrivener is the only program I have open when it crashes.

There is a known bug with Project Statistics that can cause a crash, which seems to happen with certain projects. I am trying to fix this for the next update. If you could send the project to, that would help me track this annoying bug.

Thank you!

My projects are crashing, too – even the small ones. I can get statistics for a whole project, but if I check “include sub-documents” for the selection, when the selection is a folder, I crash every time.

KB, let me know if you’d like copies of the offending projects.


I can duplicate this if the folder has the “Page Break Before” box checked in the inspector (all other boxes unchecked). The statistics run okay if this box isn’t checked.


Same here. Scrivener crashing after trying to open Project Statistics. It will only crash, when I turn Page Break Before on for Texts.

That could be very useful info. Thanks.

Me too.

First crash I’ve had with Scrivener.

It’s only a small project at the moment, but the program closed when I looked at Project Statistics and tried to include subdocuments.

I then read this thread and unticked a ‘page break before’ one box. But when I tried Project Statistics again Scrivener closed immediately.

Only way for me to get Project Statistics for the Draft folder is to expand all the folders and then select all the files.


I think I have fixed this bug for 1.04. If you would like to send any projects with this crashing bug to, I will test on 1.04 to see if this is fixed properly, or you can wait a week or two until 1.04 is released to see for yourselves.


Thank you for the swift reply, Keith.

The early notes on a project are tender little plants: they shrivel up and die in the presence of friends and strangers alike. (Do I really write such boring, convoluted sentences, I ask myself when I read them over.)

So, if it’s OK by you, I’ll wait for the next update.


That’s fine. :slight_smile: Though of course, you can always make a copy of your project and use Project Replace to replace random letters (e.g. “a” for “q” “r” for “b” etc) so that it is gibberish before you send it to me…



You think I need help in turning my rough first draft into gibberish???

:laughing: :laughing: :laughing:


Ha ha, I know that feeling =)

crimewriter, what are you doing in my head? Very perceptive. I thought I was the only one who felt that way.

In my head, Lord Lightning? Now, would you be the sadistic blond teenager who’s terrorising the lovable old lady? Or maybe the mad Animal Rights bomber? The psychotic stepbrother? They’re all in there, chatting away underneath my expensive haircut…

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