Repetitive underlining

There is a passage in my project that should be in italics. Unfortunately it’s also underlined. I have tried un-underlining it, and that works fine for a few minutes. I wait for the little save asterix to disappear and that’s all fine. However, if I come back to that text element later in my session, or if I close Scrivener and re-open, the underlining magically reappears.

This only happens on this one section - not on any other text in italics.

Now, I can just delete this offending section and replace it with fresh text in italics that doesn’t have the same problem, but I wanted to preserve the anomoly, just in case it was useful to you…?

I had exactly that problem, pigfender. I was using the previous version of Scrivener for Windows when it happened. Since then I’ve uninstalled it and installed the new version, but I have not yet checked whether that weird ‘magically-re-underlining-the-paragraph-in-italics’ phenomenon still occurs.
I’ll let you know.