Replace Binder Item

I use the binder extensively to store documents and images, and link to the binder items a lot. One annoyance is if I want to update a file in the binder (which I do often for images), I need to delete it, add the new version, rename it to have the same name, then find all the links and relink them manually. :frowning:

Please please please think about adding a “Replace” command in the context menu for binder items, it would be really useful…

What about using the Documents/Open/in External Editor menu command, or the corresponding button in the footer bar of the editor? Excepting bulk image management, that should do what you have been manually doing. For bulk, there isn’t a really good way of doing that for stuff already imported, but if you plan ahead for that eventuality, the use of binder links instead of fully imported images would be best; you’ll have full file system access to the images in Scrivener, from any other external program.

Yes, that is a workaround I’ve had to use for some things, but there is a real advantage of having all my source material in the Scrivener bundle, one place I know where everything is without having to wonder when copying where my linked subdocuments are etc. Not that this isn’t possible, but it is not a preferred workflow. Having a replace function would make using the Binder perfect for contained document management…

I’m still confused, the menu command I mentioned does what you are doing by hand without all of the effort, making a replace function unnecessary. With the exception of you having to click a button or run a command, loading and saving graphics should be conceptually similar to Finder. With Finder you don’t have to edit a graphic and then delete the old file and save the new one then add your Finder tags all over again, you just open it and edit it and save it. Same here, so I must be missing something.

Sorry for the late reply, I missed your response. Yes, I wasn’t clear in my reply sorry. For my use case all my images are produced in Adobe Illustrator, and I then generate SVG and PNG versions which are used for linking to the final document. So I do already “Open in External Editor” the AI file, but the exports of the SVG and PNG files generate files I need to replace the versions in the Binder. I think your point is I export the new PNG/SVG versions from my AI original, open in external editor the older SVG/PNG then copy and paste the image from the new documents back to the old document, then delete the new versions that are external to the Binder. If it was just the AI file then I wouldn’t really need a replace.

So I would still find a replace command easier. And for people who use resources they want to replace (imagine doing a google image search, finding an image, importing into binder, then later finding a better version of the same image) they will not be using an external editor in the first place.

Okay, that makes more sense. I’ll put it on the list of things to consider—a function to replace a resource with another via import could be useful in general, I just wanted to make sure what was already there wasn’t good enough. :slight_smile:

The only other solution (with the current tools) I can think of is the one I mentioned before, that you’d rather avoid to keep everything tidy, and that is to keep the SVG/PNG resources in an external location and link them into the Binder dynamically.