'Replace' greyed out?

I’m trying to use the Find and Replace and Replace is greyed out. The only option is Replace All.
Is this a bug, the result of a setting, or am I doing something wrong?

Thanks everyone

The Replace function will be disabled under the following conditions:

  • The selected text in the editor does not match the text in the Find field. This is to protect against accidentally wiping out your entire chapter, etc.
  • The Replace field is empty. If you need to delete stuff then you’ll need to use Replace All (note the selection option on the left, for taming that approach).

I think that is everything, there may be another case I’m not thinking of at the moment. If the above doesn’t match what you are seeing, a simple description of how I can set up a test would be beneficial.

This is interesting.

I randomly did a ‘find replace’ for the word “watch” and the “Replace” option was not greyed out, but when I used it’s the “Replace” option stayed greyed out.

Ah, I bet that’s the “fuzzy” punctuation search that is the culprit. What is in your text file is probably “it’s”, instead of the “it’s” (straight apostrophe) typed into the Find field. So while “Find” is locating punctuation variation, “Replace” is being more strict about it and considering it a different word since the characters are technically different.

That probably can be fixed, I’ll check on that. In the meanwhile if you type in the typographic apostrophe into the Find field yourself it should get around the issue. That’s ⇧⌥] on my keyboard. Or another approach is to locate a sample in the editor, select it, and use ⌘E to import the selection into the Find field.

Just for the sake of clarity, the Find function is working perfectly. It’s the lack of Replace that I’m contending with.

Thanks for the trip about the different apostrophes. I’ll try that out.

Click NEXT and if the Find item is found, Replace should become active.

Slàinte mhòr.

“Should” is the operative word, but Replace doesn’t become active.

Rats. Was hoping for:


Can you share a screenshot or two?

Slàinte mhòr.

That’s correct, Find will locate the text even though the characters are technically different, but the internal check that determines whether or not the Replace button can be used is not. So Find locates “it’s”, but Replace is looking for “it’s” and disallows the replacement button.

This will be fixed in the next update, to confirm.

Happy to. How do I add an image?

Okay, here you are.

As Ioa says in his most-recent post, the issue appears to be a bug with the handling of apostrophes by the replace field. That could be tested in your sample project by finding “fame” and replacing it with “courage”. If find and replace works with that test, we can be sure that the bug you have highlighted is restricted to apostrophes and not a wider application or system issue.

Slàinte mhòr.

Consider it tested and confirmed. Replace does not like apostrophes.

As stated above, this is fixed for 3.1. :slight_smile: