Replace PDF, while maintaining links?

I found that a PDF in my Scrivener Bibliography was missing a page, so I made a new corrected PDF.

Is there a way for me to replace the “bad” PDF with the fixed one, while maintaining links in my project text by transferring them to the new one?

Or, is there a way for me to add the missing page to the “bad” PDF to fix it?

I suppose I could put the one page in as a subdocument to the main PDF, but that’s ugly.

Thanks all,

You could add the page. In Scrivener, open the PDF and then use the “open in external editor” feature (either from the Documents menu or the button in the footer bar beneath the editor) to open the PDF in Preview (or another PDF editor). Then drag the page from the updated PDF to the one from Scrivener, save, and close it. Then, back in Scrivener, click the “Reload” button in the footer bar to make sure it has been updated properly.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

That’s great! Exactly what I wanted, worked perfectly.

Looking at the two versions in Preview I found that I was actually missing four pages, not just the one I’d found missing. Fixed them all in a few seconds. Whew. Thanks!