Replace Unwanted Spaces

I want to replace two spaces with one space in a chapter of a document.

I tried doing this using Project Find (there is apparently no way to just limit the Find & Replace function to a chapter) by entering two spaces in the Find dialog and a single space in the Replace field.

Scrivener crashed.

In Word there is a special way to identify spaces; perhaps there is one in Scrivener as well. Otherwise, how can I accomplish this?



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I just tested in macOS 11.5.1 and Scrivener 3.2.2…

Placed the cursor in a document…Edit menu > Find > Find… (or key, Command - F)…Chose the options in the dialogue and it worked. Replaced double spaces with singles.

This was done in a small test document so don’t know if size has any factor.

There’s a description (including scope and options) in the Scrivener manual, Sec 11.2, Document Find and Replace.

I’ll give this a try, thanks.