Replaced punctuation when importing files

  1. I have several novels (approx 90K words) in RTF format.

  2. I’m planning to significantly rewrite / meld parts of these novels.

  3. I set Scrivener to split each manuscript into scenes by identifying each-break point thus: “#Scene 1-2” which indicates “Chapter 1, scene 2” and so on.

  4. Scrivener imports the manuscript with no obvious hiccups, and in the Binder names each scene as expected, “Scene 1-2” etc.

  5. However, here is what the imported text looks like:
    For the second time he inched almost-erect.�Where ya goin� pakeha?� Whereas it should look like this:
    For the second time he inched almost-erect. "Where ya goin, pakeha?"

I’ve not done a detailed check, but the same substitutions occur for the: ellipsis, and apostrophe.

I would love to hear from anyone who has resolved a similar problem.

What did you use to produce the RTFs, and are they in UTF-8 or some other coding? I think those are the usual culprits for glyphs not appearing.


Mark, thanks for the tip.
I use Atlantis Word processor to produce all my texts. I’ll need to do some research to find out in what Atlantis codes the text.
I will try running my ms through Windows Notebook to clean it of odds and ends and then try the cleaned file on Scrivener.


  1. Received advice there is no UTF in Atlantis RTF.
  2. Creating a file in Notebook made no difference.
  3. I cut and pasted the problematic ms and Scrivener accepted it without fault.