Replacement for Drafting in Wordpress

I’m going to download the software later as I have been hunting around for alternatives to drafting reviews, journalistic articles and option pieces in Wordpress.

I’ve heard heard that the software formats text in a fairly simple manner which suggests that moving it to Wordpress and doing any formatting there would not be too problematic.

Does anyone have experience of this?

I use Scrivener with Markdown ( and for a number of clients who also use WordPress. Works very well, with a small learning curve. Just wish Scrivener had a previewer built in.

In the WordPress dashboard, choose settings > writing > Use Markdown for posts and pages. Write in Scrivener, copy from Scrivener (don’t bother with compile), paste to WordPress using the Text rather than the Visual editor.

Each article has a Scrivener folder with X files for the sections of text, plus a file for links and references, and another with boilerplate text. I view these in scrivenings mode and copy and paste from there.

When working in Scrivener, I split the screen: one side with the body text and the other with the links/references. Makes it easier to see everything, IMO.

Thanks Briar that was useful.

Be aware that, at the moment, the way Scrivenings works on the Mac and in Windows is different. It seems, or so I understand, that the Windows version currently doesn’t allow selection across document boundaries, though the Mac version does.

Mr X