Replacements Confusion - can't add/delete

I haven’t used replacements for a while since the last Scrivener upgrade. I think my Scrivener has a bug, but perhaps I’m just confused about the new Project / Compile Replacements screens. I cannot seem to add/delete replacements. If you look at the attached screenshots you can see I have no +/- buttons in Preset Replacements (which were imported automatically during upgrade), and I have them but can only add (not delete) in the Project Replacements.

Does anyone have any ideas or suggestions about this?

Many thanks,
Mike Smith - Brisbane, Australia

Just tried to recover (I can’t output my 1200 page document properly at the moment) by importing it into another new blank Scrivener project. Before the import the buttons were there on those two screens, but afterwards I had the same situation as described. Perhaps some weird issues are being imported with my project (originally created in the previous version of Scrivener).

Again, any help or suggestions would be greatly apreciated.


Hi Mike,

There was a sizing issue whereby if you resized the window the buttons would disappear. Please download the 2.1.1 beta which should fix these issues:

All the best,

OK Keith,

Thanks for the quick reply. Will try that.


P.S. Your product is absolutely fantastic. I’m using it to write an online English (ESL) course - not just the textual content, but also an XML code manager for online quizzes to be imported into an LMS (Moodle) which is why I’m hammering the Replacements function. Without your product I would have given up ages ago.

Thanks for the kind words, Mike, much appreciated!
All the best,