Replacements stopped working

Hi everyone,

ever since the latest update (, replacements (from the compile dialog) don’t work for me anymore. I first noticed because I’m using them to “hack” MMD references in a larger project but I just tested them in a new, empty project and they seem to do nothing.

Reproduce: Create a new empty project, enter “Foo” as text. Open the compile dialogue, replacements, project replacements (the same goes for the other option), add a new replacement of “Foo” with “Bar”, compile to .txt or MMD for Latex (have not tested other formats).

Expected result: “Bar” in the compiled document.
Observed result: “Foo” in the compiled document.



Same problem here!
Reinstalling 1.9.0 made this work again!

Sorry for this, guys! Ironically, in fixing a different bug with replacing carriage returns during compile, the text replacement got upset. We’ve fixed this for the next update, which should be out soon.

I’ve updated to, but I’m still having problems compiling replacements which use the $@ tag. (The tag hasn’t changed, has it?) Though normal replacements like “Foo” --> “Bar” work, those which involve the wildcard tag don’t do anything (neither “[$@]” --> “FooBar” nor “[$@]” --> “[[[$@]]]” has any apparent effect).

I created a new project and it didn’t work there either. Is this a continuation of the bug, or have I just messed up something very simple?

No, a continuation, and I apologise. I’ve got it marked for the next update.

Sorry to bug you, but is there an ETA on when the next update will be out/when this bug will be fixed? It’s been a month and I’m getting nervous about an approaching deadline, since I need to do a bunch of wildcard replacements in order to compile a proper draft… Doing it manually would be awful. If it’s going to be a while, suggestions for dealing with wildcard replacements in the interim would be very welcome.