Replacing a roman term with italic

I’m editing a story in which the author has put ship’s names in roman; I need to mass-replace them with italic. Is there any way to replace “SS Celeste” in roman with “SS Celeste” in italics?

There isn’t an easy way to do this, then? I suppose the solution is to paste the item into Word and do it there, and then paste it back into Scrivener?

You can certainly use the Find command to locate all instances of the ship’s name. There’s no easy way to mass italicize them, though.

One alternative would be to replace CELESTE with CELESTE, and then post-process with Markdown to get italics. That’s rather a lot of work if you aren’t otherwise using Markdown, though.


Once you’ve started the search, you can hold down the CMD key and alternate between tapping “g” (search again) and “i”…

Nice tip, thanks!