Replacing dots with spaces/nothing in TOC when compiling to PDF

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I’ve done it in the past but I can’t remember how and can’t find it in the manual.

How do we replace the dots in the TOC with spaces/nothing when compiling to PDF?


I don’t really know the answer, but am happy to speculate!

What I figure is that the dots are determined by a tab stop in those paragraphs. If those paragraphs have a style associated with them, then in your compile format you can specify a different look on output for that style, including in particular, a change in the kind of tab stop that occurs in that position in the paragraph. If the TOC paragraphs do not have an assigned style, I am not sure how you would target those paragraphs at the compile stage.

You could, if compiling as-is, just select the TOC paragraphs and change the type of that tab stop manually, of course, style or no style.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Yes it’s an “as is” section (no styles) as I paste there the TOC (copy special) and do some additional formatting.

I regenerated my TOC recently, and I must have forgotten how I did the formatting to get rid of the dots. I’ll add it to my notes when I find a way to do it again :slight_smile:

Yes the copy special as TOC created a tab stop when you paste the content, but I have no idea how to change the type of type stop manually when I select the paragraphs. When I right click on the tab, I can only select left, right, centre or decimal tag…

Any idea?

I searched my old posts and found one where @AmberV helped me a lot, including resolving this issue.

So for anyone trying to do this, you only have to select the TOC then format/font/underline/none and all the dots disappear :slight_smile:

I’ve made a note in my compiling notes so that I remember how to do it next time…


Select the underlines (or the whole page) and hit ⌘U twice.

Thanks for the shortcut, that’s what I posted above your post :slight_smile:

Cool. It worked with the Windows version of 3.1.4 as well.