Replacing scene titles with numbers when compiling

I am doing my first serious compile of a 97k novel. I have written in scenes, each one a separate file under a folder named Scenes.this is so I can flip between the scenes knowing exactly which one I’m looking for. I have avoided divisions into chapters at this stage. I have titled each file so I know what happens, e.g. At the Pavillion etc, but in compiling a pdf for some beta readers I don’t want them to see my titles, but just have each scene numbered in order, so when they write their feedback, we both know which scene they are referring to.
I am a newbie to the Compile feature but have managed to set up a Custom one I have saved. It hasn’t helped that all the tutorials seem to be from a different version, ie. I don’t have Projects>Project Settings, etc.
Can someone help me get compile to do this without changing the scene titles in the Project itself?

Any thoughts?desparate to get this compiled.

Hello! I’m going to assume that you’re using one of the Novel compile formats that come with Scrivener 3. If I bore you with stuff you already know, please forgive me :smiley:

First, I assume that the section type you’ve assigned to your scenes is in fact, “Scene”. If not, please start with setting that, in the Inspector or from the outliner view.

Next, select File > Compile… Right-click or Command-click on your current compile format, and choose “Duplicate and edit format…” or just “Edit format…” if it’s not greyed out.

Now click on “Section layouts”. Click on whatever section layout you’re using for your scenes now. Click on the plus sign in the upper right corner, and you’ll get a duplicate of that layout. Name it “Numbered scene”. Be sure that the Title checkbox is NOT checked.

Click on “Title Options” below the list of layouts. In the Title Prefix: box, type “Scene <$t:scene>”. Click “Save”.

Now, with your modified format selected, assign the Scene section type to the Numbered Scene section layout. You should now be able to see scene numbers when you compile.

Hope this helps!

Hi silver dragon,
Thankyou so much for your detailed reply. I realise now I am using version on a Mac with os 10.9.5. This version would appear to be the most uptodate I can use with my os.
As such I don’t have the options you list - section layouts etc. I have a Compile box that I have set at Format As Custom, Compile for PDFs. I cannot find any option for selecting Duplicate and Edit in compiler. My only Duplicate option is in the Documents drop down, where I can select Duplicate with/without sub documents. Will that help me at all?

Oh. OK, version 2. I’m not at my Mac right now, but when I have a chance I’ll fire up v. 2.9 and see what I can work out. Hopefully someone else will come along and help you out before then. :smiley:

Hi Silverdragon,
I have it sorted. I found Section Layout and played with that and only selected my list of Scenes, ignoring the folder they were in and managed to input your suggestion for Scenes, and got it to work. I’d like to know if I can save it as a Preset for future but otherwise Thankyou for your advice. Much appreciated.

I’m so glad you sorted it yourself! That always works best for me when I’m learning something. I did take a look at v 2.9 but it was too late for me to write a coherent post last night.

And yes, you can save that compile format. Once you’ve got the format the way you want it, click on the “Format As:” drop down menu in the compile dialog. Select the “Manage Compile Format Presets…” option. Click on the small plus sign button in the dialog that pops up. Now you’ll get a text box that will let you name and save your custom format as a new preset.

Good luck with your beta version!