Replacing Smart Quotes

I’m not sure if this is a bug.

I turned smart quotes off and then went to find/replace but scriv 2.9 won’t change them. I have to do it manually or paste into word and replace. I tried compiling without them and it doesn’t work, even if I compile as .txt. It looks like it’s changed, but I’m using TTS reader to assist with proofreading and it reads the code. TTS Reader doesn’t do this after I’ve used word to strip the document.



You should be able to do this with Find/Replace, but you’ll need to make sure to enter the smart quote in the “Find” box and replace with the straight quote (and run it once for open and once for close). There’s a dedicated tool for this which would make it faster; select the text and then use Format>Convert>Quotes to Straight Quotes. Better still, unless you really need straight quotes within the editor, is just to set this up at compile time by clicking the triangle disclosure button to see all the options and then in the Transformations pane, checking the top box to “Straighten smart quotes”. This leaves your smart quotes in the editor, should you want them in the future, but straightens them for your compiled document.

Again, I turned off smart quote and it does not work. I’ve even tried copying an pasting a smart quote and then pasting a not smart quote. It does not work.

But yes, thanks for the button under format. I searched for something like this, but could not find it.


Are you using the regular Find/Replace or the Project Replace? I haven’t been able to reproduce this, so any extra details here would be great. Did the menu option work to fix the quotes?