Replacing $surname in compile format


The page header template for compiling to PDF includes a metadata element <$surname>. Where is this variable set in Scrivener? To get my surname to print correctly I had to override this value with my actual name but this seems to defeat the purpose of setting it as a variable. Also, I cannot use the standard Novel template since I cannot change surname there (it won’t stick). Since this is not defined anywhere, it comes out blank on the page.

Thanks, in advance.

It’s taken from your address book. It’s just entered as a default value - you should change it in the header yourself if the default value isn’t what you require. I’m not sure what you mean about changes not sticking, though.

Thanks for the prompt reply.

What I meant by “won’t stick” is that when I change the $surname value to my name in the last field of the Header line (<$surname> / <$PROJECTNAME> / <$p>) in the Page Settings for the Novel (StandardManuscript Format) it reverts to <$surname> when I compile. On the other hand, when I use the Custom format, it does not revert. Is the standard format a template that cannot (should not) be changed, only customized and saved as something new?


Keep in mind that compile presets do in fact wipe out your compile settings by design. That’s what they are supposed to do. If you change some compile settings, and then alter to top-level preset from Custom to Novel, then yes—<$surname> will return, along with all of the other settings that are a part of the novel preset.