Replying to comments, importing Word comments

Hi, I’m trying to figure a couple of things out as I get to know Scrivener. I’m a freelance editor, largely of academic books and papers. Almost all of my authors work in Word, and an essential part of our communication back-and-forth is trading comments. But I a) cannot identify in the Word files I’ve imported who authored a comment, and b) even more critically, I can’t find any way to reply to that comment.

Is it possible to do so? When a book has several authors, I will have two or more distinct sources of comments, so it is a bit confusing when I don’t know who’s saying what. And I really must be able to reply to comments, as well—often I have to reply to replies! I’d appreciate any help anyone could give me on this. Scrivener is proving to be such a great program. I’d ideally like to be able to switch over to it for all my work.

Thank you.