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If so, the windows manual includes “…many people have cultivate the habit…”

Two other typos:

“After math” should be one word (unless you mean "after mathematics).
“LeftArrow” should be “Left Arrow.”

While we’re at it, in Scrivener itself, in the Options dialog, Editor tab, under Default Main Text Attributes, when you use the 1.0x dialog to change line spacing and click OK, you get the question, “Do you want to apply also paragraph indentation?” The word order seems a tad Germanic to my ear.

“Mistakes you’d like to revert may have rolled off the backup list because five backups were created…”

I know what you want to say here, but I’m pretty sure you are saying something else. I think you mean “Correct versions of mistakes you’d like to revert from may have rolled off the backup list…” or better, “Correct versions of mistakes you’d like to reverse may have rolled off the backup list…”

“When you switched to using Corkboard mode nothing changed about that criteria:”

I’m not sure what you want to say here, but it’s got to be “those criteria” or “that criterion.” There may be other problems with this sentence, but I haven’t taken the time to figure out what it actually means. Sorry.

Please let me know if you value these corrections. If not, I’ll shut up. :slight_smile:

Thanks! Sure, all notation of errors are appreciated; but don’t go out of your way over it, as this is very close to being legacy text at this point.

The first is meant to be tongue in cheek, if you’re referring to the example title in the quick tour, that is. The second is a convention used by manual for the arrow keys, you will find it everywhere.

Plurality mistake aside, I’ve changed the terminology as the use of “criterion/ia” in this context is somewhat technical and not in popular usage.