Repositioning linked comments/footnotes?

I’m still quite new to Scrivener. I prefer using linked footnotes and comments to inline ones, but is there a quick way of moving a linked note to a different position in the main text (i.e. redefining the text selection to which it is linked)? I believe such a feature exists on the Mac version, but cannot get it to work on Windows without creating a new note, copying the text over, and deleting the old one…

Also, if I may, another quick query: am I right in thinking there’s no way of changing the zoom level of comments and footnotes in the Inspector in Windows?

Many thanks for any assistance!

Just yesterday I tried doing this with a linked comment in Scriv for Windows, and found it impossible. A shame, especially since it’s also not possible to copy the text from the comment into the clipboard in order to place it somewhere else.

The only way to do it within Scriv, I think, is to use Format > Convert > Inspector Comments to Inline Annotations, which will allow you to copy the text of the note. But this will convert all the comments in the document to annotations, and when you use the same menu to convert them back to comments, the highlighted attachment points will not be as they were, if they covered more than one word. Not really satisfactory.

I ended up using a utility that reads areas of the screen and copies their text to the clipboard, very much a kludge.

There’s not a quick way to just move the comment or inspector footnote at this time; it just needs to be done by copy/paste. That can be done, though, without any need to convert to inline notation. Just select the note and use Ctrl+C to copy it. You can also double-click into the text of the note, like you would to edit it, then select the text and copy it with the shortcut or via the context menu.

Copying and pasting the linked text in the editor will also copy the note, so another option may be to just copy and paste that, then edit the anchor text.

Notes can’t be zoomed in the inspector, but you can change the default text size in the Appearance options if you prefer it always larger, and convert notes to the default formatting via the context menu in the inspector.

Many thanks for the replies! I can get by with the copy & paste method (these commands do work ok for me – after double-clicking on the note then Ctrl+A to select…) Just means being a bit more careful with footnote placement in the first place!

The Mac version has an option where Scrivener puts an asterisk in the text at the point where the cursor is as the footnote marker, and then replaces the asterisk with the footnote index at compile time. I use that the whole time. So, if you want to move the footnote, you just drag the asterisk. It will be coming to Windows, I hope sooner rather than later for your and many other users’ benefits. If I were a Windows-user, that’s the thing I’d be begging LAP to prioritise over everything else!


Mr X

Sorry for not checking back on this more promptly! I am indeed able to use these methods, both selecting the note and using Ctrl+C, and double-clicking into the text of the note and copying. I’m a bit chagrined I didn’t find at least the latter myself. I had been trying to select text with the mouse without first double-clicking in the note. As for the former, it never occurred to me to just click on the note and hit Ctrl+C. In fact, it took me awhile just now to figure out what you meant by “select the note”; again, I was trying to select by holding down the mouse pointer and dragging, not just simply clicking once on the note in Inspector. All clear now, though.