Repository and Focus

Two wish list items that are inspired by WriteMonkey software:

Repository: I would like a feature that acts as a catch all for text that I don’t need/want in a document but would like to keep it handy for later. The actions would be I highlight text, and either use a keyboard shortcut or a right-click option, and the text is deleted from my current doc, and moved to the Repository where I can get back to it later if needed. The focus would stay on the current doc and not jump to the Repository. It could be for the entire Binder, not just the particular document.

Focus: When working in a document with a large amount of text, I would like the ability to only display, or Focus on a specific section of text, and hide the rest of the text while working on the text in focus. Then be able to show the hidden text again when finished. The actions would be I highlight text, and either use a keyboard shortcut or a right-click option, and the text that is not highlighted is hidden, and only the selected text displays. I can then work on that section of text, and when finished, either use a keyboard shortcut or a right-click option to toggle the hidden text and make it visible again.

There isn’t a specific dedicated feature for storing bits of text as you go, but there are a number of tools that provide this capability. Probably the simplest arrangement of these is Project Notes in the Inspector sidebar, which all items share access to. You can even keep multiple notepads in that pane, so if you’re already using it for something else, this doesn’t conflict. There is of course also Document Notes—each item in the binder gets its own scratch pad in the sidebar. Notes is where I put almost all of my outtakes if they are snippets. For keeping tabs on edits in general I don’t bother with much more than taking a Snapshot.

An arrangement that more closely adheres to what you’re looking for, and in a global sense rather than per-file:

  1. Create a file called “Repository” in the Binder.
  2. Right-click on it and add this file to favourites.

Now whenever you want to clip something, right-click on the selected text and use the “Append Selection to Document” submenu. This item being tagged as a “favourite” will ensure it stays accessible at the top of that menu.

There are a lot of other little tools that might help you out as well, that can be combined into more efficient ways of working.

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You’ll find the concept of “focus” and how to set up Scrivener to work that way in prior threads (some with a bit of debate on the concept in general):