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I use several different layouts and I was wondering if there was a way to lock them so I don’t accidentally change the layout. If not is there an easy way to go back to the original layout?

can someone answer this question
is there a way to lock layouts so i don’t accidently change them while i’m working.
thank you

What do you mean by locking the layout—making it impossible to close or open a split, or to drag out the width of something? Well if that is what you mean that would require a huge amount of overhaul to do something that essentially can already be done. Rather than disabling all access to the window, you can store your current settings as a Layout and return to them if you feel the need to in the future. That strikes me as a better solution all around since it can also allow you to do other things with it, such as intentionally going on a tangent with the window layout to achieve some specific purpose (say, adding a few special outliner columns and sorting by one of them in a search result) and then snap back to your normal window settings when you’re done.

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