Or am I missing it completely? Is there a way to create a style sheet and apply that to the text? Since I work mostly in InDesign and use Word for documents to import into InDesign I have become dependent and not having to individually apply styles. Keyboard short cuts work wonders.

I would like to see simple style sheet feature that uses shortcuts to apply by paragraph, and by word a pre set format style.


By and large Scrivener handles formatting when you compile, not while you’re writing. So you get the same sort of effect that stylesheets give you, where you can write in a comfortable font and later switch everything over to a standard output. That said we do intend to address more editor-based formatting automation in the future. Scrivener isn’t ever going to be a word processor with stylesheets in the editor, it is fundamentally opposed to that way of working, but increasing how powerful the relationship is between the editor and the compiler is on the list.

That would be handy. I’m all for separating the writing from the formatting, but the final step (for me at least) is to move it to Word, where I use styles to set the headings and numbering. This makes dynamic cross-referencing [with Word in-document links] easy, which is something I cannot see how to do in Scrivener (but that just could be me).

If the compiler could output the formatted text into a set of styles then it will greatly decrease the amount of time I spend tweaking in Word!

Oh, if that is all you are looking for then Word already makes this easy to do for a consistently formatted document.