Reposting - Issues with links when compiling in mobi

Okay, so I posted before and thought I had a solution, but now it’s happening again.

When I compile to mobi format, doesn’t seem to matter what settings I use, it breaks the links. It looks like this:> google

instead of

google (with the text hyperlinked).

It does the same with an image that is hyperlinked.

Not sure why this is happening.

When Scrivener compiles to mobi, it first compiles to ePub and then uses the Amazon Kindlegen converter.

So the first question is: are the links correct in ePub? Try compiling your project to ePub and see if everything looks good there. If not, then you need to adjust your project settings or potentially report a bug.

If the ePub is fine, though, take a look at your version of KindleGen. The stand-alone version you can download is fairly old and has been the source of a lot of reported issues. If you remove that version, though, and install the Kindle Previewer, that includes a newer version of KindleGen. Try this (if this isn’t the version you are using) and see if that helps.

Epub does not work at all. It compiles and produces a file, but it won’t open in my windows ebook reader and when I use an online epub reader it will open to the TOC but it doesn’t have anything else inside.

Not sure what to do next…

Make sure that the compile settings and formats are as close as possible between your ePub and mobi targets, including which items are selected in the Binder, etc. If you’re not on the latest beta (B29), you may want to upgrade to that first. Ensure that you have the same Binder selections for the ePub compile as for the mobi compile so you are using the same content for both.

So, I uninstalled and reinstalled the lastest beta test and this seemed to do a number of things.

  1. Epub is still not working. It will compile but the final file will not open or will open and only TOC is available.
  2. mobi compile works and the links for both the image and the text appear correctly.
  3. by using the ebook format instead of the default format for mobi, the first line of each paragraph is indented.

Not sure what the problem actually was/is or if it will come back. I will post again if it does.