project formatting

I should know this but….How do I export my settings from one project to another. I’ve written a novel and want to start a new one but would like to keep all my settings and formatting and toolbar icons the same. Can you let me know how to do this?
Scrivener is the best!!

There are two approaches you can take:

  1. Create a project template: the easiest way to do this will be to take your previous novel project and use the [b]File/Save As...[/b] menu command to create a temporary copy that you will use to create the template. Delete all information specific to the novel in this new copy (don’t forget to empty the trash). Once everything looks like you would expect a fresh template to look, use the [b]File/Save as Template...[/b] menu command and set it up. Now whenever you want to start a new novel, you can just go to this. It’s really easy to update as well. You can just repeat this procedure in the future, and when you go to save as a template it will all be filled out to replace the old one.
  2. Just save the UI settings: a less comprehensive action is to just save the window size, label colour choices and pretty much everything you can do to organise how you view the project, all the way down to whether invisible character are shown. Use the [b]Window/Layouts/Manage Layouts...[/b] and click the [b]+[/b] button along the bottom to create a new layout. You can choose whether this layout will also set columns, index card settings and other things of that nature. This will be better if there is nothing in the binder you wish to carry over to the new project, such as how you organise characters in the Research folder, custom compile settings and so forth. If you have those things, then a project template may be a better option.

See §7.7 in the user manual for more information on templates, and §9.7 for layouts.