Request: Files and aliases

While we’re talking about dragging files to Scrivener, here’s a request:

I want Scrivener to make an alias for any icon dragged onto the Research Folder, and copy the original into the .scriv package.

When you double-click on the icon in the Research Folder, Scrivener does not open it, but rather launches the originating application – it’s just an alias.

IOW, if I’m writing song lyrics for my musical in Scrivener, I want to be able to drag my Logic Pro files into the Scrivener document, but I don’t need Scrivener to have MIDI capability. I just want one document to hold all the files I’m using to develop a piece.

Does that make sense?

Thanks! :smiley:

This has come up before: in an unreleased version of Scrivener that came between Gold and 1.0, I added just this functionality. However, for various technical reasons, I dropped it. Things got messy and slow, so I decided to keep it clean - Scrivener, after all, is not a data-basing app. It may or may not reappear in the future (given that I still have the code and technology to do it around - although it would still be a big undertaking given the current implementation); it’s the sort of thing I will reconsider around 2.0, I guess.
All the best,

I understand.

Purely for intellectual curiosity, could you explain a little more about how this would be a database function? I’m not a programmer, but I was thinking of little more than a pointer that passed the double-click from the alias in Scrivener to the icon copied into the .scriv file.

Curio has this functionality.

Curio, like DevonThink and Yojimbo, is more of a “database app” - a place for dumping general information rather than somewhere dedicated to a particular process such as writing. I can’t remember off-hand why I dumped this - I’d have to refer to my notes - but there were issues in speed for definite.