REQUEST: Fit Scrivener onscreen for 1920-1080 res magfification higher than 150%


I’ve long drawn attention to the eye-sight prejudices built into Scrivener’s design, notably around icon and GUI text sizes, which i beileve exist because it was oriignally created by younger generations whose eye-sight favours small text.

There is some improvement with the launch of Windows V3 but for those of us who adjust screen res for presbyopic reasons as well as other coonditions which make reading small text diffiuclt or impossible i would like to see Scrivener adopt greater facilitation for a broader range of eye–sight conditons.

A writer will invariably expereince a deteriation of eye-sight over decades and any reliant on software will expect it to accomodate through appropraite flexability.

  1. The primary one for me is to enable re-scaling of floating windows like the Options pane so i don’t have to keep going into my Windows 1920-1080 laptop control panel to lower my screen res magnification down to 150% to be able to access the manage/default/ok/apply/cancel buttons on the bottom edge and which are inaccessible on screen-res higher than 150%
  2. Enabling increased sizes of as many GUI icons as possible as well as the colouration of Binder folder icons would also be desirable. I would prefer ths solution to the current colour label circle icon which is created additional to the binder folder icon.
  3. Add proper font customisation capability to all prodcutive GUI panes including colour adjustments.

If you can sort these i would say you’re doing pretty well and writers will be able to use Scrivener going into their 70-s, 80-s and 90s without fear of damage to their eyes or having to retort to prejudical work arounds.

Thankyou for your consideration.

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