Request for advice on writing for Wordpress

Too much useless gibberish where I should of read the help more closely, deleted.

I may have solved this question by reading the help better (sorry, sometimes hard to read off a screen for too long) but I would like to modify the question slightly and ask those in the know:

What would people consider the best font selection and size for clean readability in a weblog?

You can probably find at least one champion for every single font available. Dozens of them are readable, more or less. Maybe you should ask yourself just what it is you want your typeface – and therefore the blog itself – to say. Are you commenting on world news? Ranting about politics? Publishing a comic strip? Selling recipes?

And what’s your tone? Are you silly, pompous, serene, casual, wild, arrogant?

Look at other websites and blogs that do the same or similar things. Which ones are most effective in their presentation? You won’t get a guaranteed answer that way, but you’ll narrow down the choices.


Fair points, and my erratic writing is probably a bit of all of the above. Technical support through to arrogant provocation I suppose. Just whatever happens to be in mind, though the website I own should more or less look plain, as I intend to impose no style to the words in that way.

I’ve ignored web-fonts and such information for so many years now it is probably wise to catch up. Although it only now occurs to me I have no idea how to work out what font is being used on any given website, and none spring to mind for inspiration. But certainly that is now something to think about.

In that case, may I suggest Wingdings, which is both erratic and a bit of everything :mrgreen:

You can either choose to view the source, and find the link to the style sheet (usually a within the section), and then type that directly into your browser. You can then view their stylesheet to find what font names they use.

Alternatively, just copy and paste it into a word processor and look at the font there.

Thank you kindly.

Most folks wish I used wingding exclusively.

Might I recommend that sticking with the boring? Since some of us refuse to add fonts beyond the OS standard, you might have a beautifully laid out page that looks absolutely hideous to me simply because I don’t have the same font. Don’t think it doesn’t happen.

Welcome aboard. avoid vic-k. He is trouble.

:open_mouth: Thought y did! Sorry! Im thinking of dingbats :blush:

Given “takes one to know one” I figure you would never mistake a dingbat for a wingding.

Font face aside, good readability metrics are 12 to 13pt in size, with a good line-spacing of 1.3 to 1.35em, and a total line width restriction of 33-35em. Many blog template designs will have the width aspect handled for you as they use the sidebar design with a restricted width (rather than flow to browser window width) ethic. Serifs are okay if you stick with Georgia or TNR, but most avoid them unless they are going for a “cultured” tone with the blog. Verdana, Helvetica, and Lucida all make good screen fonts as they are highly readable and available on a wide variety of systems. Whatever font you select, make sure you have at least one back-up in the list that is common.

Thanks for those other tops, was pretty much the sort of info I was looking for I suppose. Readability was the main problem I was having with some people, different screens and resolutions and what not.