Request for Android version

Something I’d absolutely love would be some sort of “text editor app” that I could install on my Android phone (and also on my non-primary Windows machine), that would allow me to simply WRITE Scrivener-compatible notes.

I save everything to Dropbox. So it would be really easy to save the note into an existing Scrivener project structure. (I don’t know how easy it would be for Scrivener to detect the presence of a new note, and integrate it.)

That would make it easy to have a Scrivener machine for all the hard work. And a bunch of Scrivener-lite note taking machines wherever needed.

(I’m not sure this is the right place to post this. But hey.)

Roy, have you looked at the Sync to External Folder capability in Scrivener? Before iOS Scrivener, I used this to edit on my iPhone, and on my old Android phone before that. (Sorry I can’t recommend an Android app – that was ages ago.) And yes, I could add new notes files that way. You can have Scriv sync in either RTF or plain text, with whatever extension you prefer for the plain text.

Hope this helps.

I want to add my request for an Android version. I would like to keep the devices I own and use to a minimal number. I am using Scrivener for Windows and have been testing with the beta versions. I am quite happy with the results and don’t want to move to Apple products. Being able to write directly into Scrivener on my Android device would make writing much more seamless for me. Creating text files or Word docs and then importing is okay. But, I would much prefer using Scrivener all the way through the process. So, I am a Scrivener for Android hopeful.

There have been numerous threads on this subject.

A search on Android Version in Wish Lists will bring up 14 pages.

Short story, at last discussion it was on the to do list after the Win V3 version is released.

Based on the current Win 3 beta status I’d guess next year if you’re lucky it L&L may give an updated comment.

Meanwhile any iPad mini from V1 will do the job quite cheaply, or the various note app suggestions in this thread and earlier Android threads will give you a work around of sorts.