Request for feature: Quotes and Parens Drop Down Menu

What if you added a pull down menu item that would insert quotes or parentheses around selected material? This could help eliminate the widows and orphans problem.

Say you had a sentence or a para, highlighted that text, then pulled down a menu where you could choose from two or three styles of quote marks, and two or three styles of parentheses. Once selected, those marks would be placed at the start and end of the selected text. The menu could be customizable if we were allowed to pick from a broader selection of styles to be on that menu. And it could have as the first option, To Match Font, so it just used the most common form of paren or the typical quote marks for that font. Smart quotes could also be one of the menu items.

You could even have a programmed prompt if you tried to put the end mark in the wrong spot, grammatically.

It’s extremely rare for people who are writing text in a single language to need more than one style of quotes and one style of parens. So I can’t speak for Keith, but I don’t see this as a priority feature.

I’m not sure how it addresses the widows and orphans problem, though. That’s a page layout issue, completely independent of the presence/absence of punctuation.