Request for future feature

As a relatively new Mac user, my first mac was an intel based MacBook Pro, I am also an even more recent user of Scrivener.
I’m not yet a writer but hopes that using S will contribute to help me become one.
I recently acquired a MacBook Air, and a .mac account, oups account.

I use both of the machines at different times and I was wondering, is hoping, that you might consider, at some point, the possibility of implementing synchronisation capability.
I am of cause not referring to a specific technical solution, but rather to benefit from the synchronisation capability of Leopard.
My wish to see this feature is of cause to make the use of different machines easier, but also the hope of a lazy mans backup.

Thank you in advance, whichever your answer is.

I too have a MacBook Pro and a MacBook Air and use Dropbox. Quite simply I moved the relevant .scriv files into the Dropbox folder on my MBP which then uploaded them to my Dropbox space; when I got my MBA, I linked it to the Dropbox account and the files were downloaded into the Dropbox folder on that. Now, it doesn’t matter which machine I use, as the file is saved it is synchronised with the one on the Dropbox account and whenever I boot up the other, it too is then synchronised. As for back-up I also do a nightly automatic bootable backup of the MBP onto an external hard disk and when I’m back in China I"ll be doing the same with the MBA.

The MBA and MBP are also able to remote desktop each other, but I haven’t bothered with synchronising them as Dropbox does it for me. I’m sure you can do the same with MobileMe and that is something I need to investigate for other reasons.


I would add two precautions:

  1. I’ve found it best to ZIP Scrivener projects before uploading them. Otherwise, the Finder sees many RTF files in the package and slows down to copy them properly. The built-in File: Save Project to… command provides date/time stamps to distinguish between project versions.

  2. MobileMe works for me, but it insists on assuming that The Cloud has the latest version of files, and it doesn’t. So every time, I have to open the MM Synch Preferences, click Advanced… and then Reset Synch Data…to make sure the direction of the synch is correct. (From the current computer TO the Cloud) I’m only synching addresses, bookmarks, and calendars. For files, I just use iDisk and upload files to the Documents folder.

I’ve still got 4 invites to Dropbox if you or anyone wants one. Email me and let me know

Thank you for your solutions ant the offer for a free account.
At this point I obtain something similar with FTP, and it works pretty well, most probably because I am the only user.

My wish for integration with the MobileMe synchronisation really stems from the wish of effortless integration (at least when the service works).
The last month has been somewhat bumpy for the service, but I’m convinced that Apple will iron out the wrinkles.
So the wish expressed for this feature still stays on my list

Best regards

I was using ftp for my backups before I started using Dropbox. It was a great solution, but Dropbox just does more or less the same thing with less effort.