Request for note rotation; line drawing; toolbars

I’ve just started using Scapple for Windows and loving it. I’ve already got a wish list though, and there’s no proper thread for it (Unlike Scrivener!)

I’ve only one real wish, although it’s quite broad. More touch friendly features like pinch to zoom on Win 7/8. I’m using a Win 8 touch enabled laptop and having become very used to the touch features in Win 7/8 :slight_smile:

Other features that would be nice:

  1. Rotate note (Just so we can make our boards look messy and a bit more organic)
  2. Draw connecting line. Instead of selecting two notes and using a menu to connect them, allow the user to simply draw a line and take the arrow direction from the “To” note. Use the centre of note as the sensitive area to draw from.
  3. Toolbar. So we can select line types for connecting lines, and other things like the standard note types. Oh, and make it optional. I know not everyone would appreciate a toolbar taking up their screens real-estate.
  4. British English dictionary! Please! I’m having to teach scapple how to spell! I know we can turn spell-checking off, but other dictionary support would be nice.

For #2 - just drag note 1 onto note 2. That connects them with a dashed line.

If you want an arrow, Alt+Drag gets you an arrow pointing from note 1 to note 2.

For an arrow pointing the other way, Ctrl+Alt+Drag

Glad to hear you’re enjoying Scapple. There’s no wishlist forum on purpose to avoid giving a wrong impression–we’re not currently planning on adding much in the way of new features. We may certainly refine aspects, but overall Scapple is meant to be simple, like grabbing a pen and making your napkin sketch. We don’t really want to add a whole box of different width pens and colours and pencils and charcoal to slow down the brainstorming process. :slight_smile:

View > Show Inspector will bring up a palette for changing the note style; you can leave that open while you work. The program options also allow you to embed the inspector in the Scapple window if you prefer that.

You can change the dictionary via Edit > Spelling > Dictionaries.

Thanks for the tips. I must admit I was looking in the File\Options for application wide settings, and didn’t expect dictionary settings to be somewhere else.

Still, some touch friendly options would be nice as something to think about in the future. Especially as we all seem to be heading in that direction, what with tablets and stuff :wink:

I just purchased this yesterday as a complementary program for the existing Scrivener, as the families in my current story are getting out of control!

As a professional programmer I certainly understand that you need to find the natural scope of a project. However the interface is rather too basic, and proves a little cumbersome to use, for the simple reason there is no toolbar and I have to keep navigating sub-sub-menus to get many things done, such as apply a style. I can’t believe there’s a graphics-orientated program without a toolbar in the year 2014!

Okay, it’s only a tenner, but it’s hard to love a program that’s quite this basic, and many of us are willing to pay more for decent products that we use a lot. Give it the look and feel of Scrivener and you have ready market of existing customers that need something to map out their stories.

Right-clicking is the most efficient way to apply a style, the main menu is just there for completion—but better style management and application is already something we have on our list. It’s very likely there will be something better for this in the future (though probably not in any toolbars). That could include the ability to store a hotkey as a part of the style (and of course you can already use menu accelerators, again branching off with the Properties key instead of the main menu will be most efficient).

I’m super glad to hear that this is under consideration. I’d be just happy to have the current default style “slots” to be given shortcut links and any extra ones simply be from the menu to get functionality quicker.

Thinking it through for a whole system to have it in the same place, I think the approach Notepad++ takes for Macros would be good way to assign keys. For those who don’t know what I’m talking about, the interface looks like this:

The selector would also need to check for Global shortcuts at selection to keep from other running programs conflicting along with Scapple itself.

Thanks, that is actually an approach that we’ve been looking for this type of stuff as well. Photoshop uses this type of system for its macros, as well. It works well for cases where the style pool can be different from board to board.